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By guest, Mar 28 2017 01:52PM

Virgin Gorda BVI, March 28, 2017-- 6 years old Vanae James-Bey has garnered much attention with her new coloring book. A coloring book which celebrates indigenous cultures from around the world. Truly the first of its kind; it lets children explores different cultures while enjoying the age-old pastime of coloring.

The 6 years old created the book with the help of her mother after she noticed that traditional coloring books not only didn't look like her, but she also didn't learn anything from them. Noticing the lack of representation of indigenous people Vanae is seeking to fill the void. Vanae loves learning about different cultures and has a thirst for knowledge. Culture is important in her family as well as staying in touch with their indigenous heritage.

She hopes other young children will not only learn from the book but enjoy coloring and being creative. The idea is to inspire others to learn and explore cultures outside of their own. She plans on authoring more books in the near future. Visist to order.

for more info contact: [email protected]

Vanae Princess James-Bey
Vanae Princess James-Bey
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