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By Aboriginal Excellence, Aug 26 2019 12:00PM

Now 8 years old, Vanae follows up her first coloring book by publishing 2 more!

St. John, VI, August 26, 2019

While most elementary students are preparing for grade school; Vanae is busy creating coloring books that are both entertaining and educational. After such an amazing response to her first book back in 2017 Vanae knew she was on to something. Since then she has been busy learning and growing herself. With the help of her moher, she has also been busy building her book empire. She has traveled to many schools doing what she loves sharing her creation with children everywhere. Her first book was received globally by all ages which motivated her to make a bigger impact! Proving the saying "you're never too young to teach and you're never too old to learn" to be true. Volumes 2 & 3 of The Indigenous Adventures Of Princess Vanae are avaiable for pre-order now! Each book is sure to be a collectors items!!

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